4 Ways To Style A Graphic T-Shirt

5 Ways To Style A Graphic T-Shirt
It’s been one hot summer with no signs of letting up any time soon. I’m more of a fan of fall and winter weather when it comes to fashion because I love to layer. Summer usually throws me through a loop. I typically steer towards dresses and skirts but there is usually a point where it gets so hot, I just want to live in a graphic t-shirt to seek some comfort.

Of course, the down side is that a graphic t-shirt can look a little too laid back. But with just a little ingenuity though, you can turn that tee into a fashion statement! Here are 4 ways I like to style t-shirts to make myself a little more put together.

5 Ways To Style A Graphic T-Shirt

Top: Iron Tribe Supply Co.

My go to look with any t-shirt is to knot it in the front. This is a great way to make a slightly oversized tee a little more feminine and fitted. I pair this style with high waisted pants or shorts since it will shorten the length of the tee.

5 Ways To Style A Graphic T-Shirt
5 Ways To Style A Graphic T-Shirt

Top: Roolee

Another style I’ve been rocking a lot lately is wearing tees tucked in. I love how this can make a graphic t-shirt and jeans look so much more put together. If I’m in a rush, I can just throw on a tee and tuck it in to look a little more polished.

5 Ways To Style A Graphic T-Shirt

Top: Hey Grace Ann (Etsy Store) / Skirt: Madewell

If I want to dress up a t-shirt for a casual date night or Saturday brunch out with the girls, I will pair it with a skirt. I still feel super comfortable but look a little more dressed up. I find jean skirts or skater skirts to be the perfect styles for this look.

5 Ways To Style A Graphic T-Shirt
5 Ways To Style A Graphic T-Shirt

Top: Piper & Scoot / Bandana: Madewell

Sometimes a necklace can be a little too much with a t-shirt, especially if there is a graphic on the tee and the necklace hangs down over it. That’s why a lot of times I opt to pair a tee with a bandana. It’s a great way to accessorize a t-shirt. Bonus if you are venturing out into the heat… fold your bandana and pop into the freezer for a bit and tie it on as you are heading out the door. You feel cool and cute while out in the summer heat!

Hopefully soon it will be cool enough that I can layer a cardigan over my tees. In the meantime, stay cool out there and keep looking cute in your graphic t-shirts!

Do you have a favorite way you style your tees? If so, let me know in the comments below.

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