5 Carry-On Essentials

Travel: Carry-On Must Haves
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If you know me personally or have been following me on social media for some time, you know that I love to travel. While I love exploring new places, sitting in airports and taking long plane rides can take a toll on you. Since I’m fresh off a coast to coast flight yesterday, I thought I’d share some of my secrets for surviving any plane ride and arriving at your destination feeling refreshed.

Portable Charger
Phones and tablets are excellent time killers during the wait in the terminal, layovers, and of course for some in flight entertainment. But all that streaming and browsing social media can kill your battery. I use to worry about not having enough battery to make it to my destination and call my ride or grab an Uber, but the ANKER PORTABLE CHARGER has put me at ease when traveling so I never have to worry about a dead phone. I specifically love this portable charger because of the amount of times I can recharge my phone and tablet before it needs to be recharged. It’s also super fast at charging!

Travel: Carry-On Must Haves

Healthy snacks
Traveling can take a toll on your body so I try to eat right to stay feeling energized. While I’ve noticed more airport shops carrying healthier snacks, I like to bring my own to save money and avoid the marked up prices at the airport. I did Whole30 awhile back and I try to stick to Whole30 foods as much as I can even when I’m not doing the diet. Some of my favorite on the go snacks for traveling are EPIC JERKY, LARABARS, and the new PRESSED BY KIND FRUIT BARS.

Empty travel mug
I may not be able to bring a good cup of coffee with me if I want to get through security, but I can bring my empty KLEAN KANTEEN and get a good cup of coffee while I wait! The reason I prefer bringing this insulated mug for my coffee is that it can keep my coffee warm through an entire flight and it is spill proof, so I can move around with it without fear of spilling it. Another reason I do this is to avoid the airplane coffee. When you order coffee on a plane, the water used to make it is from the tap and not bottled. And studies have shown that the airplane water tanks are a breeding ground for bacteria. So I’ll pass on that cup of airplane coffee and get mine in the terminal.

Travel: Carry-On Must Haves

Sleep mask and ear plugs
These two items go hand in hand and are a must for any red eye flight but I also find myself using these items on longer flights such as the coast to coast flight I was just on yesterday. Flying longer flights can feel draining and I like to get off my flight feeling ready to take advantage of every minute I have in whatever city it is. In order to get good sleep on a plane (along with having a much needed neck pillow), I use a SILK SLEEP MASK and EAR PLUGS. The sleep mask helps me shut off everything around me in case I get stuck next to someone who has a reading light on or keeps the window shade open while it is still light out. Ear plugs help drown out the white noise from the engine. If you have a hard time sleeping on planes, I highly recommend investing in both of these items!

Evian Water Facial Spray
I first tried the EVIAN WATER FACIAL SPRAY on a flight from Los Angeles to Dublin and it is a game changer for anyone who travels. We all know that the recycled air on planes is notorious for drying out your skin. A couple times on my 10 hour international flight I would pull out this miracle worker and then again when we landed and I got off the plane feeling as refreshed as I did when I first stepped on there. I now use it anytime I fly.

Hope this makes your travels a little easier and even more enjoyable!

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  1. These are awesome tips! I’m traveling to Minneapolis for the Ezer Collective this fall, and these might just be lifesavers! Thank you!

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